EVAs shockproof nature makes it the perfect material to make cases. EVA is an excellent alternative to metal and plastic. The best EVA manufacturers produce the best EVA cases; visit https://chimicase.com/, and learn more about the manufacturing process and get a quotation on your order. Custom EVA is an exciting production frontier that makes way for innovation and creativity.

Production flexibility allows EVA cases to be designed for any item(s). Highly engineered EVA custom cases protect store devices or chemicals from the sun, extreme cold, moisture, and pressure impact. The interior of EVA cases is specially molded foam to fit pieces of equipment perfectly. This article discusses different custom EVA designs for cases in the market. Take a look and decide how you would like your custom EVA case to look.

1. A gaming case

In this case, a client asks for an EVA case to hold gaming tools during transportation when he travels. The main objective is to make the casing strong and lightweight for easy transportation. The EVA case also has to hold all the equipment parts in place individually. The gaming case has to hold a console, adapter, cables, and the primary gaming components.

Case example

The client received the complete order in less than two weeks. The company used hard EVA to make the external case with added aesthetic value in terms of the color of choice. The inside was fitted with EVA foam with grooves to hold the listed items snuggly. The placement order of the gaming equipment took into consideration the ergonomic balance of the case.

2. An electrical tool EVA case

A client can be interested in purchasing a custom electrical EVA tool case. The client describes the following specifications for the case:

  • The case should be lightweight
  • The case should have an engraving on both sides
  • The case should be waterproof
  • The case should be well organized, putting similar tools close together
  • The case should be strong enough to protect the equipment inside from impact

The client enlists the help of engineers to design the placement of the tools in the EVA case. The final product had an EVA exterior, sponge, and a shockproof foam interior. The brand logo was thermoformed on the sides as the client requested. To facilitate easy extraction of the tools from the custom cut foam, the manufacturers created grooves on each side of the tools for the thumb and index finger to grab easily.

3. An automated external defibrillator case

An AED device for a hospital needs a case that is light, easy to open/close, and the paddles should be easy to retrieve. In emergencies, doctors do not have time to retrieve the device and sterilize it, so the case needs to be waterproof and impact-proof.

Additionally, these case types are made with bright colors for easy identification. The foam used inside the case is waterproof and shockproof; keeping the stored device safe. The closing mechanism is Velcro instead of a zipper to shorten the time it takes to open the case.


Custom EVA cases have the following features that you can choose to combine to suit your product: lightweight, waterproof, heat and cold-proof, robust exterior, and excellent engineering to design aesthetics and motor function for the case. Now you can design your custom branded EVA case.


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