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Vape pen accessories can complement your overall vaping experience. The mini vape pen can be used and enjoyed on its own, but vape pen accessories can take the experience to another level.

However, there are a lot of accessories for vape pens out there, and it can be complicated to identify, which is essential for your current vaping use case.

Whether you are more of a DIY vaper or one who’s frequently out and about with your vape pen, there are accessories more suitable to different users. Let’s talk about the things you need to know about vape pen accessories.

Different types of vape pen accessories

General vape pen accessories

Anyone with a vape pen can own these accessories regardless of their type of vape pen. In other words, these are the more recommended vape pen accessories for anyone with a vape pen.

The DIY kit comprises containers, syringes, and mixing spatulas, which are examples of general accessories for your vape pen. It allows you to do things like refill the materials in the vape pen, swap flavors or blends with other materials such as concentrates and waxes.

Vape juice refill bottles are an accessory too and can be handy for when you need to refill vape pen oils and other liquids on the go.

Weed vape pen accessories

Weed vape pens are specific vape pens, so if you’ve got one, you need more specific accessories for it.

Credit card sized pocket grinders are one example of such accessories. They have the advantage of portability, which complements the vape pen you use. You can carry these pocket-sized grinders along with cardholders and wallets.

Pocket-sized grinders have raised holes similar to kitchen graters. When you need to use it, you need to grind the material against the grinder for either a coarse or fine consistency.

There are also 4-piece grinders for dry herb vape pens, which can be used to grind the herbs into specific consistencies. It also has a sifting part, in case you need to separate the herbs.

Mini vape accessories

If you’ve got a min vape pen, there are other specific accessories you can get for it. USB chargers are one such accessory that allows you to charge you vape pen from a wider range of sources. These chargers are more like phone chargers. They are small and lightweight, which makes it easier to use anywhere that has a USB port.

Some USB vape pen chargers do not support charge pass-through – which means that the vape pen cannot be used while charging. Often, vape pens come with an indicator that shows that your vape pen is fully charged.


Vape pen accessories are a good way to enhance your vaping experience, and manufacturers typically include some of them with their vape pens.

It is essential to consider what type of vape pen you use, the materials, and how frequently you need to get vape pen accessories.


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