If you have decided that you want to purchase an Android TV box, this means that you have already determined the need. But with the advancement in the technology world, there are different options you will get. Also, note that there are TVs with built-in smart features and other dedicated set-top boxes with intelligent features that you get on your smart TV. The android iptv box will enable you to watch different shows and movies and other features available on new TVs. Therefore, by purchasing the right TV boxes, here are the benefits you will get.

Portable Multimedia Device

It is crucial to note that an android TV box is few inches long, comprehensive, and thick. To ensure that you use these gadgets, you should have a stable internet connection and a power outlet. Based on the fact that they are portable, you can carry them anywhere you travel and enjoy watching your favorite shows. If you prefer to go on vacation, you can take your TV box and connect them with hotels available in the hotels or resorts you choose. Being portable, you will never miss watching your favorite TV programs or shows.

Enjoy Better Speed

Another significant benefit that you are likely to experience with TV boxes is the speed. However, note that a smart TV can have the capabilities that a dedicated android TV box can give. But note that it might not provide the same responsiveness, performance, or speed. When you rely on your smart TV, you will end up with a sluggish experience, which will not help you, especially if you like spending your time indoors watching your favorite TV shows. Therefore, it will help deliver better performance for everything from opening the applications to navigating the user interface with a dedicated TV box.

Better Google Integration

When you have an android TV box, you will receive better Google integration, especially if you consider using Google services. Suppose you have anything in your home that supports Google’s ecosystem. In that case, this will offer you an opportunity to leverage Google assistant on your devices, and they can bark commands at your TV. In other words, with the help of these TV boxes, you will get an opportunity to browse and visit different sites depending on your needs. Moreover, with these gadgets, you can turn your TV into a computer.

Get More Apps

Another significant benefit you will get with the use of TV boxes is access to various mobile applications. Ideally, Android TV is a dedicated platform that comes with multiple applications optimized for it. You will also get a chance to have different kinds of apps and install them on your box. When comparing them to a smart TV, you will only be limited to specific apps available on the TV. With the use of a smart TV, it will restrict smart TV features’ versatility and functionality. Therefore, take this chance and enjoy the many benefits of these dedicated TV boxes.


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